Solar: Summer

  • Summer Solar Hot Water System are widely recognized as the most efficient and reliable avaible by domestic home owners as well as internatinally
  • Sterling Reliability
  • Design for Sustainbility
  • Customized Hot Water
  • Thoughtless Use
  • Customer Care(Warranty)

For over 30 years, SUMMER has been providing carbon and energy savings in Hot Water Technologies to the World. Well before the current ‘trend’ to save energy, SUMMER Solar Hot Water System was developed from a focused effort to Save Electricity and Gas. The SUMMER System is manufactured from 100% Recyclable Materials. Just a small SUMMER Contribution to our Planet. The average household uses approx 1000 kWh of energy per year for hot water. This equates to 15% of your electricity bill, which goes up to 30% if you require space heating. SUMMER saves you Up To 95% of this amount. This means your investment in SUMMER pays you back within 3 years.

Product Information